Chinatown 唐人街

Lower Manhattan


Labor Day weekend, 2017.  Embedded and immersed from early morning to late evening, inhaling spiced asphalt and photo-documenting the cultural Yin and Yang of the American China.  It pulses relentlessly.  And never disappoints.

No matter where the eye and camera converge, there’s tumult.  Commotion.  Commerce.  It’s Chinatown, hurrying to keep up with itself, pausing only grudgingly to size-up the white-haired alien with the Nikon.  Click.

I am thankful that each subject allowed me to exalt their moment  from arm’s length, even if most would rather I had not interrupted their next step.  Or distracted their next customer.  Click.

What I have borrowed from Chinatown, I now return in colors and corners faithful to its culture and street lore, rather than the black and white depictions I usually favor.